Jungle Love LED Natural Stone Painting(2000×2000)

Category:  LED Natural Stone - Painting

Product Size: 2000×2000 mm

Product Description

This is a picture of love .In this short and affectionate time , the two lonely hearts are blended and bred to new life .Looking  each other ,carefully combing and stroking each other's fur , affectionate .Love let all the killings stop ,and even the life - bearing birds dare to flee from the heads of the lovers without  any scruples .The little animals in the jungle are not so bold , hiding in the flowers and interested in peek .Look carefully ,the  small with round eyes ,the strange butterflies ,the monarch  butterfly ,the bee-eaters that eat insects ,the nectar birds with  gorgeous feathers ,and a pair of tight-fitting parrots ...In this  quiet moment ,accompanied by flowers ,the world only love exists .

Jungle Love LED Natural Stone Painting(2000×2000)

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