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LED luxury stone panel

We are experts in the custom designing of LED Luxury Natural Stone Panel.

We are committed to providing one-stop solutions for top-end custom stone, both residential and commercial.

We are partnered with the Best Time Stone, which is the largest LED Luxury Natural Stone Panel designer and manufacturer.

Hence, we are able to satisfy the needs of any designers and contractors. A bottom line is that we provide the best solutions at affordable and competitive prices for our customers in the United States.

We provide DOOR TO DOOR delivery service and guarantee delivery on time, unless force majeure.


We have over 20 years of relationships with our existing business partners. Considerable trust has been built with our partners in China and those in the United States. This circumstance makes for savings of negotiating time in negotiations and the finalization of any matters.

Our manufacturers provide extra product as a contingency in case anything goes wrong. So, delays due to damages during transportation is minimized.

Who are our major customers?

Our major customers are architectural designers, builders, and general contractors. We provide design improvements in customized glass and hardware for designers.  Our cost control is such that cost-effectively for building owners, builders, and general contractors is one of our key attributes.

Our Mission

To provide our customers the best service and experience possible. We hope our customers will become lifelong friends. We are striving to  become one of the most respected go-to companies in the United States.

Our Goal

To provide both the commodity and its installation service, and to keep our promise to take good care of our customers. A satisfying experience is a hallmark of what we do. There is no need  to worry about inordinate problems or negative situations like a sub-standard installation or poor customer treatment. We guarantee to provide the best complete package service and affordable competitive prices for our customers. Our goal is to make people have a better and easier life.

Our slogan

DINOSS: Do it now, one stop solution

Our full package service

We are going to provide service from design to manufacture and supply.

Our Uniqueness

We provide full DOOR TO DOOR service

We provide full DOOR TO DOOR service. We eliminate the hassle of directly importing from China. We eliminate risk due to the FOB rules.

We provide after sale services

We provide after sale services. We have a general contractor license and have more responsibility for building a long-term relationship with our customers. We value our business relationship and care about our corporate image.

We have all product samples available for viewing in our showroom

We have all product samples available for viewing in our showroom and provide comprehensive  services that include  installation when  desired. When buying directly from Chinese factories online, you will only have pictures or diagrams as references and then neither guarantees nor after-sales services like installation.

Faster and more cost-effective delivery

Our delivery time is a lot faster than directly ordering from Chinese factories. Purchasing from us is much more cost effective. Because we had over 20 years of experience and business relationships with all of large global logistic corporations. COSCO, CS ect.

Order delivery is more guaranteed

Bringing products from China on your own can be inordinately costly, and losses reported for insurance reimbursement can prove to become a "blame game".  In contrast, we have  contingency products in place and will replace damaged products immediately.

Protecting customer interests

If anything is wrong with an order, we keep our promise to take care of our customers. We have standing relationships with manufacturing partners in the United States to reorder or replace products as quickly as possible.

Smoother communication

We can eliminate the language barrier in communication. We have E100 General Contractor's License, lots of bilingual English-Chinese speakers, there won't be any misunderstanding in communication. We seek to accurately deliver exactly what our customers want.

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